Can BBL be combined with Tummy Tuck?

I have met lots of patients in consultation for mommy makeover who want to address their abdomen, back and buttocks with procedures that would give them the best results. Given the abdominal skin laxity and deflated buttocks, the best solution might be a combined procedure of Tummy Tuck & BBL. Liposuction is a very powerful procedure but it does not address the skin laxity.

For majority of my training while spending time with the giants of the field in aesthetic surgery, I was convinced that combining BBL with Tummy Tuck is not a great idea. Why? There is concern for risk of upper abdominal flap necrosis when you combine liposuction with Tummy Tuck. That’s what I would tell my patients who would seek both procedures simultaneously. Given the number of requests for such procedures, I started digging deeper into this and explored the work of Hoyos et al.

They published with convincing results that controlled liposuction of upper abdomen is easily possible and can be combined with tummy tuck. Using that approach and combining that with more aggressive liposuction of areas where flap viability is not such an issue – It is very much possible to harvest adequate amount of fat that can be grafted to contour the hips and buttocks and give them the desired shape. I have now operated on bunch of patients who underwent Tummy Tuck and BBL in one stage.

Their recovery was a bit prolonged when compared to undergoing just one procedure. However, they were able to avoid a second surgery and the downtime associated with it. More importantly, they were able to get their dream results without having to wait for a second round of surgery. I have tweaked the techniques bit further, added my further refinements and modifications and have developed a trademarked procedure called Mommy Makeover 360 ® Reach out to us today if you are considering a combined BBL and Tummy Tuck procedure to see if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

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