Body Procedures In Manhattan, New York

Get the desired body shape and boost your inner confidence with the expert hands of board-certified surgeon,  Dr. Mansher Singh. As a cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon based out of Manhattan, New York, he has helped a large number of patients achieve their dream bodies. The most common body contouring procedures offered by him are:


Body Procedures

Get The Body You Deserve

Body Surgeries not just augments the outer appearance of your body, but also boosts your inner confidence and improves the quality of your life.

Are you left with a constrained list of clothing options? Has hiding your saggy skin, concealing your abdominal or back skin rolls, or locking your bulging skin become your daily struggles? If so, then it’s time for you to consider body cosmetic procedures.

Now get a smoother, flatter, and firmer body by choosing the cosmetic body procedures in New York Dr. Mansher Singh. He and his team are dedicated to reshaping the body features of their patients by aligning their surgical vision with patient’s specific vision.

A Range Of Body Procedures By Our Cosmetic Surgeon In New York

Tummy Tuck

Augment your abdominal profile and give it a silky, smooth finish by removing the saggy and loose skin with the Tummy Tuck procedure by the expert hands of Dr. Singh. 


Get rid of the stubborn fat deposits and bulges from your body that have been persistent regardless of workout or exercise, or has resulted from pregnancy or medication effects, and give it a refined look with liposuction.

Mommy Makeover

Suffering from postpartum side effects? A mommy makeover is all you need to regain your pre-pregnancy shape and contour! 

Brazilian Butt Lift

Are you dissatisfied with the shape of your buttocks or experiencing concerns about hip dips? Achieve a more enhanced, balanced appearance with the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery performed by our skilled professionals in New York.


Experience a transformation in your arms with Brachioplasty, addressing loose skin from aging or weight loss. Achieve a more defined and smoother appearance through our expert body procedures in New York.

Thigh lift

Address saggy or chafing upper thighs with a thigh lift for a leaner dimension. Our expert cosmetic surgeon in New York provides tailored solutions for a refined appearance.


Seeking to address concerns about labial lips or reduce the size of labia minora? Opt for safe labioplasty performed by our expert body cosmetic surgeons in New York. 

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