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Meet Dr. Mansher Singh

Most Reviewed Plastic Surgeon in The United States

Dr. Mansher Singh is a Harvard and Johns Hopkins trained Plastic Surgeon. He completed his general surgery training at Harvard Medical School followed by Plastic Surgery training at The Johns Hopkins.

Expert Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mansher Singh

The Real Specialist In Plastic Surgery

Our Philosophy

Plastic surgery is a very unique field as there is a significant degree of artistry involved with the surgeries. In other words, while one patient might be ecstatic with her nose, another patient with very similar features might be extremely unhappy with it.

The key to a successful outcome is patient-inclusive surgical planning. Unlike the paternalistic approach to medicine from yesteryears, we believe that YOU have a very significant role in decision making. We pay very close attention to your goals and personalize the surgical planning based on Your vision, realistic outcomes, and Dr. Singh’s expertise.

We understand what a deeply personal decision plastic surgery can be, and Dr. Singh is dedicated to guiding you through your transformative journey with honesty and integrity.

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