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Neck Lift (Platysmaplasty) NYC

Neck Lift Surgery with Dr. Mansher Singh

Rejuvenate your appearance with a neck lift (platysmaplasty), targeting signs of aging in the neck, jawline, and lower face. This cosmetic procedure removes droopy skin, reduces fat, and enhances contours, providing a refreshed and defined look.

Neck Lift Table of Content

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift, or platysmaplasty, targets signs of aging in the neck, jawline, and lower face. This cosmetic procedure rejuvenates, by removing droopy skin, reducing fat, and enhancing contours for a youthful, defined appearance. Patients undergo this procedure for a variety of reasons. These can include “turkey neck,” visible banding, or reducing under-chin fat (double chin).

Patients commonly pair this procedure with a facelift, to improve harmony with the lower half of the face. Performed alone or with other treatments, Dr. Mansher Singh can customize a neck lift to meet each patient’s unique goals and needs.

A Beautiful Woman with a Sleek Chin and Neck

What Does Neck Lift Surgery Correct?

This surgery addresses several age-related changes and aesthetic concerns in the lower face and neck. It offers significant improvements in appearance and self-confidence. This procedure can dramatically enhance one’s profile by creating more youthful and streamlined contours.

Common reasons for undergoing a neck lift include:

  • Sagging skin
  • Excess fat
  • Muscle banding
  • Jowls
  • Wrinkles

A lift surgically addresses these issues by removing excess skin, tightening underlying neck muscles, and removing or reducing fat. Dr. Singh tailors each surgery to align with his patients’ unique facial structures and aesthetic goals. By focusing on these key areas, he can provide a rejuvenated appearance.

How is Platysmaplasty Performed?

Dr. Mansher Singh has a meticulous approach to neck lift surgery. It involves several key steps to ensure he can precisely address each of the patient’s concerns. The process begins with anesthesia. During your consultation beforehand, Dr. Singh will be able to choose between intravenous sedation or general anesthesia.

During surgery, he creates an incision at the hairline, continues around the ear, and ends at the back of the neck.

This placement hides the scar after recovery. The approach also allows for adjustments, including fat sculpting, tissue repositioning, and platysma muscle tightening. These adjustments correct issues like jowls, excess fat, and visible banding.

Dr. Singh manipulates the deeper tissues, beneath the platysma, sliding it into a more youthful position. This advanced approach not only smooths the skin but also addresses the underlying structures. This provides a natural, softer look that enhances the jawline and neck’s definition, without looking overly tight.

Recovering from a Neck Lift

Recovery from a neck lift starts with rest and careful attention to the surgeon’s post-op care instructions. Initially, patients may notice swelling and bruising, but these symptoms gradually diminish over the first few weeks. Dr. Singh often applies a bandage around the neck to reduce swelling and support the results. Pain is typically minimal, and patients can manage it with prescribed medications.

At home, Dr. Singh recommends that patients keep their heads elevated and avoid strenuous activities to facilitate healing. Within two weeks, most individuals can resume daily activities and return to work. However, complete healing and full results will occur over several months.

How Much Does Platysmaplasty Cost?

The cost of a neck lift varies widely among practices and depends on several factors. Each surgeon’s fees reflect their experience, the geographic location of the practice, and the specific procedural approach taken. Additionally, the extent of the surgery required to achieve the desired outcomes will heavily influence the price. Anesthesia, facility fees, and post-operative care necessities also play significant roles in determining the final cost.

For the most accurate pricing, prospective patients should schedule a consultation with their chosen surgeon.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Choosing the right surgeon is crucial for achieving the best results and ensuring your safety and satisfaction. Patients should look for a surgeon with experience in facial cosmetic surgery, certification, and a portfolio of successful outcomes. Patients must also feel comfortable and understood during the consultation process, with personalized care and a tailored approach.

Dr. Mansher Singh exemplifies these qualities, making him an ideal choice for your neck lift procedure. As a board-certified surgeon with years in fellowship, he is an authority in facial plastic surgery. His expertise and natural-looking results ensure that each patient receives the highest standard of care. Through a consultation with Dr. Singh, you can discuss your goals and options, and take the first step.

To schedule a consultation or learn more about neck lifting, you can call his NYC office at (212) 470-4020 or visit his website.

Neck Lift Surgery FAQ

Is there any pain?

Dr. Singh typically performs necklift surgery under anesthesia, so patients experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. Post-surgery, patients can manage mild to moderate pain with prescribed medication. Patients should also follow proper at-home care advice.

Are the results long-lasting?

The results of a neck lift are long-lasting, often enduring for 10 to 15 years. Based on factors including age, skin elasticity, and lifestyle, the results can last even longer.

Will there be any scarring?

Every surgical procedure will have scarring of some sort, but with Dr. Singh’s approach, the scars are barely visible. He strategically places small incisions along the hairline, so the results appear completely natural. This is especially true as the scars will often fade.

Who is a good candidate for a neck lift?

Good candidates for a neck lift are healthy, non-smokers, and those with realistic expectations for their results. Ideal candidates often seek to correct signs of aging in the neck and jawline. These can appear as sagging skin, excess fat, or muscle banding, and desire a more youthful appearance.

How long is the recovery period?

The recovery period varies, but most patients can return to normal activities and work within two weeks. The results of the surgery may take several months to fully appear.

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