Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty NYC

Does the shape of your nose bother you? Are you interested in the correction of nasal deformity but do not want to undergo a surgical procedure? If so, you must consider Liquid Rhinoplasty. Unlike surgical Rhinoplasty, which requires an inherent recovery period, liquid Rhinoplasty can be done in 15-30 minutes with almost zero downtime. It can address various sorts of issues like a dorsal hump, a drooping nasal tip, asymmetry, etc. If you are considering liquid Rhinoplasty, then count on Dr. Mansher Singh, the expert of Liquid Rhinoplasty in Manhattan, New York. Dr. Singh also has a secondary office in Beverly Hills to serve the west coast patients.

A Womans Face with Illustration of Facelift Surgical Lines.

What is a Liquid Rhinoplasty

In contrast to Surgical Rhinoplasty, Liquid Rhinoplasty is a non-surgical procedure that is done to treat the issues of the nose.  It is a cosmetic procedure whose results remain visible for up to 6-12 months.  It has become a very popular “nose job” procedure for candidates that are looking for a less invasive way to reshape their nose.

On edifying us about the Liquid Rhinoplasty, Dr. Mansher Singh the expert of Liquid Rhinoplasty in Manhattan, New York says that this procedure is immensely useful to improve the structure and contours of the nose of the candidates that don’t want to undergo surgical procedures. In this procedure, fillers (typically hyaluronic acid)are injected into a patient’s nose, which is the same filler used in cheek and lip fillers.

Dr. Mansher Singh also updates us on the fact that Liquid Rhinoplasty is a reversible procedure. The fillers can easily be dissolved in the unlikely scenario of any concern with the outcomes.

Other than this, this procedure can be performed without giving anesthesia to candidates and the recovery time is extremely minimal. Candidates may have the procedure done and can return to work the same day.

Although the results of liquid Rhinoplasty lasts for 6 months to even 2 years, it may differ from patient to patient.

Why Dr. Mansher Singh?

World-Class Training

Dr. Singh is a Harvard & Hopkins trained Plastic Surgeon. He learned the craft of plastic surgery from the giants of the field. He has furthered his knowledge of facial plastic surgery by working world-renowned facial plastic surgeons.

Customized Approach

Dr. Singh does not believe in a cookie-cutter approach. Having mastered different techniques for each surgery, he tailors his approach to deliver the best outcome for the patient. Our specialist has transformed the appearance of several patients from liquid Rhinoplasty through his experienced hands.

Exceptional Track Record

Dr. Singh has an impeccable track record in restoring facial harmony and is very well-liked and respected by his patients and staff alike.

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